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I will perform carpentry work with high quality and not expensive: to install doors and windows, build a gazebo, shed or shed, repair or install a new fence, and also make outdoor tables, benches and much more.


I will fix plumbing, plumbing and heating problems in your home and ensure that all systems are working. I do everything from minor repairs to major repairs. See what I have to offer and call to use my services.


I provide a wide range of services and always take into account the individual wishes of clients. I practice creativity and complete just-in-time lighting and electrical installations. In addition, I know what to do in the event of unforeseen circumstances and disruptions in work. Contact me if you have any questions.


As a professional house painter, I provide services quickly and efficiently. I understand how important it is to choose a contractor you can trust, so I carefully prepare for work, because each request is unique and requires a special approach.


The three main principles of my work are high quality, excellent service and reasonable prices. I am proud that I always manage to comply with them in my work. I provide exceptional service to every customer. Be sure that all your tasks will be solved efficiently and professionally.

Bicycle repair

Our technical skills ensure that repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. For this, we have everything - experience, skills, ability and desire to do the job "on the conscience". Write to us to discuss how we can help.

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